News on the Map
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GeoTimes is a smart service that locates news on a map.

GeoTimes’ background and rationale

GeoTimes was conceived some years ago by Anders Bäckmann (and co-workers?) to publish local news on a map and to show historical news on temporal axes. The name “GeoTimes” is a composition willing to reflect this combination of geographical arrangement of events (Geo) and chronologically ordered facts (Times).

The “Times” part has not been implemented.

There is a partial implementation of this project in the Grannar website, namely at

This site offers an working implementation that shows GeoTimes’ potential, but lots can be done to improve the service!

Technically speaking, the idea underlying Geo is to crawl news from local newspaper websites and then show news snippets on the map.

The advantage to show news on the map is to allow people living in a certain city or in a certain area to monitor what is going on around them.

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